Unravel is a cute little game, made with lots of time and care.

This charming little game is full of life and even more packed with experiences. From fast tense gameplay to serene walking simulator style gameplay, this game has it all. Not only that but the entire thing is beautiful. The art is gorgeous and the music is wonderful.

This game has it’s fair share of issues however, from some issues with the controls (especially the yarn throwing feature) to puzzles with seemingly no solution. But these don’t cause enough harm to make the game unworthy of purchasing.

If you’re afraid of spoilers, stop here; I’ll even give you my rating

9.5/10, the last half point was due to my relative struggles with the puzzles and the yarn controls, you may have a different experience with them. I have heard that the yarn is much easier with a controller.

This game starts out in the family room of a house, decorated with memorabilia and pictures, as well as a journal on the table.

This journal holds the memories of the family, and yarny (the main character made of yarn) goes through the pictures and recaptures those memories.

After every chapter there is a deep and impactful quote along with lots of pictures of the family and their travels. On the cover yarny places all the little yarn creatures and items that he collected.

There is a bit of history in this game, it references a factory which polluted a lake with hazardous waste, among other smaller things.

My favorite part was the ocean, the crabs were mean but the waves and the water were just so beautiful, too bad yarny can’t swim. They also required a bit of timing and lots of momentum to complete.

Overall this game was one of my all time favorites, I hope it becomes yours too.


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